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Useful Firefox Extensions

The following are links to some useful Firefox extensions.  You should link to these from within Firefox  (If you don't already have Firefox installed, you can get it here.)

FireGestures (mouse gestures)
IE View Lite
Resurrect Pages
Xmarks Sync cross-browser bookmarking and open tab synchronizer
Answers word definition/reference lookup


System Design

Network design & implementation for local, cloud based, and VPN networks and devices

Application Support

Business, accounting, and legal specific application support.

Backup / Maintenance

Managed backup and
maintenance services.

Remote Support

Remote support on demand, and remote access computing solutions.

Security Review

Complete auditing of systems and software for security vulnerabilities.

Web Domain Services

Web Design, Internet Presence, Email and Web Domain Hosting.

Trial Support Services

Complete Trial Support Services, including provision of presentation equipment for the courtroom.