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Trial Support Services - Complete Graphics and
Technical Support Services for Trial Attorneys

With in court support provided in over 40 completed jury trials in the last eight years, Chris Sanne is able to provide a wealth of experience gained in a variety of settings on both sides of civil cases. Staff are available to assist in support roles and in the event of time conflicts.

SanneTech provides a complete set of Trial Support Services, including conversion of hard copy evidence into digital form, importing existing digital evidence into appropriate forms for trial presentation, preparation and processing of trial presentation databases and slide shows, preparation of custom trial graphics, and all related services.

In addition, all necessary presentation equipment for the courtroom is provided.

Opening Statements/Closing Arguments and Graphical Evidence Presentation

  • Design, edit and implement PowerPoint Presentations for opening statement and closing argument.
  • Incorporation of custom demonstrative graphic elements and case specific items, including documents, photographs, video, simulations, etc.
  • Preparation of custom trial presentation graphics including timelines and other informative graphics for displaying or summarizing evidence during openings, witness testimony, and argument.

Trial Presentation Software Support

  • Scanning, conversion and assembly of source documents, photographs and video into digital form for presentation during examination of witnesses.
  • Bar coding of evidence for ready access in document intensive cases.
  • Real time transcript synching.
  • Preparation of videotaped deposition clips for trial presentation.

Courtroom Presentation Equipment

  • Complete provision of courtroom presentation equipment, including either high lumen projector and 100" screen or large screen monitor.
  • Individual courtroom monitors and controls for bench, witness, counsel, and jury, etc. also available.

System Design

Network design & implementation for local, cloud based, and VPN networks and devices

Application Support

Business, accounting, and legal specific application support.

Backup / Maintenance

Managed backup and
maintenance services.

Remote Support

Remote support on demand, and remote access computing solutions.

Security Review

Complete auditing of systems and software for security vulnerabilities.

Web Domain Services

Web Design, Internet Presence, Email and Web Domain Hosting.

Trial Support Services

Complete Trial Support Services, including provision of presentation equipment for the courtroom.