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Security Auditing and Review

SanneTech provides complete security auditing of systems and software for security vulnerabilities.

Security Vulnerability Analysis

  • Complete analysis of system hardware, software, and infrastructure to detect security vulnerabilities.
  • Auditing of systems for utilization of industry best practices to reduce threat exposure for potential data loss and compromise of data confidentiality.

Malware: Viruses, Spyware, Crimeware, Rogue Applications, Adware, etc.

  • Complete services for detecting and removing all forms of malware, including difficult root kits and stealthy trojans. Systems are fully cleaned and then brought up to date with safety related system and application software patches and updates to reduce further exposure to malware infection.


System Design

Network design & implementation for local, cloud based, and VPN networks and devices

Application Support

Business, accounting, and legal specific application support.

Backup / Maintenance

Managed backup and
maintenance services.

Remote Support

Remote support on demand, and remote access computing solutions.

Security Review

Complete auditing of systems and software for security vulnerabilities.

Web Domain Services

Web Design, Internet Presence, Email and Web Domain Hosting.

Trial Support Services

Complete Trial Support Services, including provision of presentation equipment for the courtroom.