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Legal Resource Links

Legal & Business Resources

CA Bar Assn. (CalBar)    L.A. County Bar Assn. (US federal gov't) (Calif. gov't.)    LA County gov't.

CA Business Search    CA DMV

ILRG    LLRX    Findlaw    Library of Congress    C-SPAN

Lawfare Institute

Legal Research

CA Case Law (free Lexis via Courts)    CA Case Law (free AccessLaw via FindLaw)

Caselaw Access Project     Google Scholar     Findlaw     Justia      OpenJurist

Lexis    Westlaw    Loislaw    Fastcase

U.S. Code    U.S. Constitution    CFR    UCC    ILRG Legal Forms Archive (legislative information)

CA Civil Time Limits

California Codes

Browse California Codes    Search California Codes

CCP    Civ.Code    Evid.C    Veh.C    Prob.C   Health & Safety C.

Bus&Prof.C    Gov.C    Corp.C    CA Code of Regulations


CA Courts    LA Superior Court    CA 2nd District Ct of Appeal

U.S. Courts    USDC Central District    9th Cir. U.S. Ct of Appeals   US Supreme Court

Court Rules

CA Rules of Court

Local Court Rules:    L.A. County    Orange County    Riverside County

San Bernardino County    Other

Court Forms

CA Judicial Council Forms (courts site)    CA Judicial Council Forms (CEB)   

CA Civil Jury Instructions (CACI)

Local Court Forms:    L.A. County    Orange County    Riverside County

San Bernardino County    Other

Legal Publishers

Thomson Reuters    West Downloads    Legal Solutions

Abacus    Timeslips    LexisNexis / Matthew Bender

Time Matters    PCLaw

Business Networking

BNI    BNI La Verne

System Design

Network design & implementation for local, cloud based, and VPN networks and devices

Application Support

Business, accounting, and legal specific application support.

Backup / Maintenance

Managed backup and
maintenance services.

Remote Support

Remote support on demand, and remote access computing solutions.

Security Review

Complete auditing of systems and software for security vulnerabilities.

Web Domain Services

Web Design, Internet Presence, Email and Web Domain Hosting.

Trial Support Services

Complete Trial Support Services, including provision of presentation equipment for the courtroom.