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System Design

Whether the best solution requires pcs, macs, servers, tablets, smart phones, or a mix ot these, a versatile approach to planning assures maximal benefit from the use of both current and proven technologies.

SanneTech clients are provided support for planning traditional local area wired and wireless networks, as well as various VPN solutions that enable remote access to their information and easy sharing of resources between offices.

Emerging trends and products are introduced and supported as their benefits become apparent and can be exploited to improve a client's efficiencies and cost/benefit bottom line.

Design Elements

Some of the element options that go into system planning:

  • Traditional Windows Server , Windows Server SBS, and Linux server based networks
  • Windows and Mac peer to peer networks
  • Mobile devices, including iPad and Android tablets and iPhone and Android smart phones
  • Software and Hardware based VPN solutions for data connectivity between locations
  • Cloud based and SAAS (software as a service) storage and computing solutions

All planning options are reviewed and evaluated with the client to achieve the best fit for the client's specific needs and work practices and methods.

Implementing New Systems

Network designs for new systems seek to maximize productivity and reliability, while avoiding unneeded or obsolete methods and elements whereever possible and eliminating unnecessary cost and overhead.  A project begins with evaluation of current and prospective needs and expectations regarding cost and capabilities.

Improving Existing Systems

Upgrading and improving existing systems begins with an audit and analysis of the client's current hardware, software, and procedures.  System changes and additions attempt to build upon existing processes and procedures, while introducing replacement or additional hardware and software products designed to maximize the client's ROI.


System Design

Network design & implementation for local, cloud based, and VPN networks and devices

Application Support

Business, accounting, and legal specific application support.

Backup / Maintenance

Managed backup and
maintenance services.

Remote Support

Remote support on demand, and remote access computing solutions.

Security Review

Complete auditing of systems and software for security vulnerabilities.

Web Domain Services

Web Design, Internet Presence, Email and Web Domain Hosting.

Trial Support Services

Complete Trial Support Services, including provision of presentation equipment for the courtroom.